Slide Effects : Fade Out

Slide Effects : Box-out

gimpworks box-out effect

Bouncing Ball

For this tutorial, we will draw a bouncing ball animation using two files, one working file and one GIF file where we will place all the animation frames. First, open a working file wherein we will be applying the changes required for a bouncing ball animation. The ball drawing will be on a separate layer on top of the background layer for easier image manipulation. Read more...

Rotating Sphere Using Spinning Globe Filter

Original Image

Spinning Globe GIMP Filter

The Spinning Globe is one of the preset animation filters you can find in GIMP. With this feature, you can turn any graphic or text image into a rotating sphere. The image will be expanded at the middle then tapered at the top and bottom for it to be molded to the sphere surface. Square-shaped images will render a perfect sphere while rectangular images will render oblate spheroids... Read more